Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War trailer 2: From Iron Man dying to Hawkeye’s comeback – check out these wild fan theories

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Only true Marvel fans will read these theories.
No, we’re not done crying and being amazed with the second trailer of Avengers: Infinity War yet, but we also can’t stop ourselves from writing about these fan theories that we found on the internet. The second trailer has only increased our curiosity about what we’re going to see in the film. April 2018 is going to be such a sob fest. But moving over the emotional bit, some of these fan theories about the film will actually get you more excited about the film. If you look at the trailer closely, you see Thanos walking hand-in-hand with a tiny green kid which leads us to believe that we will get to see a flashback of Gamora’s childhood with Thanos.
The trailer even starts with Gamora narrating Thanos’ obsession with the infinity stones. Which also means that Nebula has to be there somewhere. She has been missing from the trailer completely. In fact, Hawkeye was missing from the second trailer, too, in addition to Antman. Fans are going crazy on not seeing these two superheroes in the second trailer. Hulk was also missing from the trailer but we did see a Hulkbuster which can be both good and bad.
Check out some of these wild theories about MCU’s Avengers: Infinity War right here.
Hawkeye returns as Ronin
Fans are speculating that Hawkeye will be dead even before the movie starts. According to the comics, he returns in a more badass avatar as Ronin to avenge the death of his family. Now we aren’t sure if just his wife or even his kids will be dead, but this could be why makers are keeping Jeremy Renner completely away.
Gamora’s childhood with Thanos revealed
We have seen in the first Guardians Of The Galaxy film that Gamora hates Thanos, who is her father. Nebula, Gamora’s sister, also hates Thanos but she plans to gain his trust before she kills him. There is a scene in the trailer where Thanos is seen walking with a tiny green kid which could be Gamora. We’ll finally get more scoop on Thanos and how close he was to his favourite daughter. But there is also a high possibility that Gamora might die in the film.
Iron Man dies in this film itself
Writing this with a heavy heart, but there is a scene in the trailer where Thanos says, “I hope they remember you” to Iron Man before he marches forward to attack him. But the scene is then cut to Thanos’ duel with Captain America. In fact, in the shot, we see Iron Man’s suit all destroyed and him panting for breath. But there is a possibility that it will be the last we see of Tony Stark. I swear I’m going to cry my eyes out if Iron Man dies in this one. Not prepared for this.
Hulk in the Hulkbuster
There are a lot of speculations that it’s actually Hulk in the Hulkbuster and not Iron Man. While we saw him in the first trailer fighting alongside Cap, he was missing from this one. But then we see the Hulkbuster at the battle in Wakanda. The theory is that Bruce Banner puts on the Hulkbuster as a tribute to Tony, who was the only other science geek among the Avengers. If the above theory about Iron Man’s death happens, then this one totally makes sense. In fact, in the first trailer, you see Bruce standing right next to the Hulkbuster.
The mystery of the soul stone
Now there are so many theories about the soul stone, I don’t know where to begin. The first one that I personally hope happens, is that Tony Stark IS the soul stone. Now this is just a crazy internet theory, but fans believe that Tony’s father Howard is responsible for creating this. Fans attribute this to the scene in Iron Man 2 where Howard leaves a video for Tony wherein he says, “What is and always will be my greatest creation, is you.” We could be wrong here, but who knows!
Another theory by Gamespot Universe suggests that Heimdall, the protector of Asgard, could be the Soul Stone. According to this theory, since the Soul Stone is supposed to be orange and Heimdall’s eyes are orange too, there are high chances that he is carrying the Soul Stone within him. If you remember this scene from Age Of Ultron when Thor faces his worst fears, he sees a blind Heimdall being all goofy and crazy. It might be a possibility that Thanos will have to blind Heimdall in order to acquire the Soul Stone. You can check out the Soul Stone theories in this video.
What are your crazy theories about the film? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.
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