Karan Johar just had a mini meltdown all because of his daughter Roohi – read tweet

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Karan Johar is ecstatic about it.

Karan Johar loves to share updates about his kids on Twitter. You will often see him putting up posts about them. His twins are growing up and he likes to share every moment of their lives with his followers. Say for example his latest post about how he almost had a meltdown while talking about Roohi! He writes, “She said “papa”! It’s time for my mini meltdown!” For a parent, this word obviously holds a lot of significance. We have often seen in people around us and also in films, how they react when their kid start calling them mamma and papa. KJo is thus overjoyed at it. Come to think of it, he has just returned from Dubai after attending an event organised by Filmfare. Imagine coming home to the word Papa…Amazing isn’t it? 

While sharing his feelings of fatherhood in an interview with PTI, Karan had said, “My need to have children was because of my sense of nurturing. I wanted to channelise the love within me. And there was deep amount of loneliness, I felt there was a vacuum that is now filled by my children..I would be the mother of my children. I will be both mother and father. I will be more of a mother than father.” And this tweet is a clear indication of that…

She said “papa”! It’s time for my mini meltdown!

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