Deadpool 2 trailer: Terry Crews, X-Force formation and Ryan Reynolds’ self-referential jokes make this one a must watch – video

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"Young enough to carry on their own franchise for 10 to 12 years," announces Deadpool while picking out members for X-Force.
The first full-fledged trailer for Merc with a Mouth’s next standalone adventure, titled Deadpool 2 is out. And well, just watching it will give you an adrenaline rush. The trailer is full of Deadpool’s antics, a lot of R-rated action and a plethora of jokes that will crack you up. Though there are no fourth wall breaks by Ryan Reynolds but there are jokes that are referential to real life. We have to say that once again Ryan brings his A-game.

The trailer begins with Deadpool running for his life and asking his dependable cabbie, Dopinder, to hit the paddle. Then we are once again introduced to Cable – who will be the villain-turned-ally in this feature film, we are guessing. Because despite the trailer showing him as the big baddie, fans argue he was an integral part of the X-Force in the comic books. And, oh yeah…Deadpool finally initiates X-Force.
X-Force is a team similar to X-Men made up of some of the most wise-cracks ever. Domino, played by Zazie Beetz calls the name of the team “derivative” from X-Men when Deadpool announces it. She also delivers another comic punch in the trailer when she says, “God! I wish I finished college,” when she is bored to near-death by one of Deadpool’s ridiculous jokes. 
“Young enough to carry on their own franchise for 10 to 12 years,” announces Deadpool while picking out members for X-Force. Of course, a nod at the studio’s plans for the film. This won’t be the only self-referential joke in the film though. Ryan also refers to his real-life wife, Blake Lively’s popular film, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, as ‘pornography.’ We can’t wait to find out how Blake reacts to this joke. We know she has got the sense of humour.
There are some kick-ass action stunts that are going to blow your mind away. A high possibility is that these stunts will be deleted from the Indian cut of Deadpool 2 because of the stringent CBFC rules here. There is a scene where Deadpool is shot at a point-blank range right through his palm and then he uses the hole made in his hand to manoeuvre the gun back towards the enemy and kill him. Yes, we meant it when we said, the Censors might disapprove.
Also, there is a kid that needs saving from the villains, which looks similar to the plot of Logan and X-Men. Besides, surprise, surprise, there is Terry Crews playing an important role in the film. Scenes were re-shot to include his character. I totally thought that his presence won’t be revealed in the new trailer but I was happy to be wrong.
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