Avengers Infinity War Hindi trailer: Thanos promises destruction of all superheroes in this action-packed video

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Avengers Infinity War releases on April 27.
Avengers Infinity War is the next superhero league film that everyone is waiting for. 2018 couldn’t have been bigger than this. Every superhero film from the Marvel Studios that you have watched since Avengers: The Age of Ultrons released in 2015, pointed towards this epic culmination. There is a lot of buzz around this film and that’s because there could be deaths in it. Yes, there are possibilities that a lot of your favourite superheroes might die in this installment of the hit franchise. But don’t get all sad right now because there is so much to watch before that happens. Recently, the Hindi teaser trailer of Avengers Infinity War was released and we have got to say, this time the threat to our superheros sounds pretty lethal. 
The trailer starts on a happy note with our Avengers promising to put their life in line to make sure we are safe. But then Thanos butts in promising devastation…something no man or superhero has ever seen. He is anyway out to get the infinity stones to make him super powerful and has even managed to extract one from Vision. But what we couldn’t get over is how forlorn Captain America looks. And from what Black Panther is heard saying, he doesn’t even have the shield with him. Check out the trailer right here…
Avengers Infinity War releases on April 27. It will see competition at the box office in the form of Rajinikanth’s Kaala. Our demi-God versus Hollywood’s superheroes… INTERESTING!
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