“A choreographer told Salman Khan I was a ‘zero’ dancer,” Katrina recalls her biggest Hichki in life – watch video

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Katrina Kaif opens up about how dance was her biggest Hichki in life!

Katrina Kaif is not only a hard-working actress, but also a fantastic dancer. From Chikni Chameli to Kamli to Kaala Chashma and Swag See Karenge Sabka Swagat, the actress has delivered some scintillating performances. But did you know this wasn’t the case all the time. In fact, did you know that dancing was Katrina’s biggest hichki in her life. For those of you who don’t know, for promoting Rani Mukerji’s upcoming film – Hichki, Yash Raj Films has started a new campaign, where in the biggest Bollywood stars open up about their biggest obstacles a.k.a. hichki.

While mentioning how dancing wasn’t always her cup of tea and how it was affecting her image, Katrina revealed to Midday, “I remember I was shooting for a Telugu film with Venkatesh. The choreographer, Raju Sundaram, looked quite irritated with (the lack of) my dancing skills, but didn’t say anything. Later, while working on Wanted (2009), I overheard him telling Salman Khan that as a dancer I was zero! I was shocked to hear that.”

Determined to not let this affect her, Katrina Kaif trained double hard. As the actress revealed, “I trained with Kathak guru, Veeru Krishnan, from 7 am to 1 pm almost everyday.” Apart from training, the actress also credits choreographer Bosco Caesar for overcoming her hichki. As Kat mentioned, “Bosco Caesar gave me the confidence to perform to the best of my ability in Race (2008). I think this is what a good teacher does – gives a person the confidence that he/she can do it. That’s how I overcame my challenge of being a ‘zero’ dancer.” Isn’t this surprising? Share with us your thoughts about it in the comments section below! Anyway, stay tuned to here as we get you all the dope and updates from B-town right here.

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