This is not a drill! Avengers: Infinity War trailer is finally out – watch video

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SpiderMan has a brand new badass suit.
The moment that Marvel Cinematic Universe was leading up to is almost here. The first trailer for the much-anticipated film, Avengers: Infinity War, has finally made its debut. The trailer, with superheroes galore, was released today and it is ecstasy redefined. The moment when the supervillain Thanos steps out on screen, you know shit is getting serious.
We see that the Avengers have moved on with their lives since the events of Captain America: Civil War. A sort of gloomy atmosphere haunts the scenery throughout the trailer. Steve Rogers now has a beard, Black Widow has bleached her trademark red hair – and pretty much everyone has evolved in one way or the other.

SpiderMan has a brand new badass suit. You know the suit we were introduced at the end of Homecoming? We finally get to see Peter Parker don it. Also, Spidey’s sixth sense also begins to work in this one. In one scene, we see the young man get goosebumps and he looks around to spot the danger looming over his city. Steve Rogers seems to have ditched the persona of Captain America but is still all up for saving the world as a darker and a more depression version of the same.

After crossing paths with Thor, Doctor Strange has teamed up with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as they share screen several times during the course of two minutes twenty-four seconds long trailer. For the first time, we see Paul Bettini in a more human avatar ever in MCU. After voicing JARVIS for years and then playing Vision, this is a refreshing change one should look forward to. What will happen once Thanos gets hold of his infinity stone is one thing that scares the hell out of every fan.
The trailer is a masterpiece with the brilliant sound design. It is a tough task to incorporate over a dozen superheroes in a tiny trailer but we have to give extra credits to the editors and producers for being able to do that perfectly.
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