Salman Khan photographs Katrina Kaif as his favourite painting and all that we have to say is, “Get back together, you two”

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Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan, please become a couple again!

If salman khan is not busy acting in blockbuster movies, he is painting the walls in all shades of bright colours, quite literally. Well, he has painted the walls of many houses of poor people. That was his way of doing something for them. Apart from that, he also paints abstract stuff. But did you know he can click great pictures too? Or is it katrina kaif who inspired these superb snaps? Yes, you are reading right. The actor is so smitten by his film’s Tigress that he couldn’t stop himself from going ‘click, click, click’. Katrina revealed it on her Instagram making us scream, ‘Get back together, you two’. We mean what’s the hold up! As far as we know, both are single. Both enjoy each other’s company, they look amazing together, they care for each other very deeply. 

In fact, Salman’s family even approves of her. 

So why not be lovers again? We love you both together. If you think we are going a bit crazy here, just look at the pictures he clicked of her.

 They are simply beautiful! As they say, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Salman’s way of looking at Katrina is evident in these pictures.

A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif) on
A post shared by Katrina Kaif (@katrinakaif) on
f; text-align: start;"> Salman-Katrina participated in the closing ceremony of IFFI yesterday. And while they waited for the event to begin, this is what these two were doing. How lovely! Aren’t they so us? 

We too click number of selfies to while our time. Who would have thought the mighty Salman Khan is just one of us! These two are coming back in Tiger Zinda Hai after five years. 

That alone is the reason for us to wish their reunion as a couple and now this!

What are you waiting for? Christmas?!
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