Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif risked their health for Tiger Zinda Hai, but still managed to look so stunning – view pics

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Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif shot for Tiger Zinda Hai in minus 2 degrees during the Austrian schedule!

salman khan and katrina kaif ‘s Tiger Zinda Haiis one of the most anticipated films of the year. And with the enormous hype around the film, the makers have gone all out to make it bigger and badder than ever. We revealed to you how Tiger Zinda Hai has been shot in 5 countries across the world, but there’s more than what meets the eye. From what we hear, Salman and Katrina literally risked their health as they shot in minus 2 degrees during the Austrian schedule. In fact, Salman had a major health scare, but still he continued to shoot for the movie. The duo managed to complete the schedule on time and managed to look stunning too! We got a few stills from this shoot too and we have to say they look fabulous. In one picture we see Salman performing an action sequence with axes in his hand, wearing a jacket and a pair of cargos. In the other, we see Ali, Katrina and Salman seeing a monitor and discussing the intricacies of the next action sequence.

Meanwhile, as we told you, salman suffered from excruciating pain while shooting in Austria. As we all know, the superstar suffers from trigeminal neuralgia (which is a facial nerve disorder that results in episodes of shock-like pain). For those of you who don’t know, the condition gets aggravated in extreme cold or heat and that’s what exactly happened in Austria. When the temperature dropped to minus 2 degree, Khan suffered a lot of pain on his face. According to a report in Mid-day, Salman was even running high fever but he refused to let the film get delayed. As a unit member told the tabloid, “We had to shoot a chunk of the action sequences on the snow-covered mountains of Tyrol. Despite the brutal weather conditions playing havoc with his health, Salman continued with his shots. Not once did anyone hear a single complaint from him.” 

ali abbas zafar also added that while the stunts were tough in themselves, things got even harder courtesy Salman’s health. But the actor didn’t give up, shot for the sequences and they came out very well. As he added to the tabloid, “What we see on screen might look a lot easier than it actually is. A lot of pain has gone behind this sequence. Salman developed a health issue, but he still trained for the shot and delivered a tough action sequence.” 

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