DID YOU KNOW Shah Rukh Khan nearly starred in a Malayalam film with both Mammootty and Mohanlal with Juhi Chawla as the heroine?

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Yes, Shah Rukh Khan might have debuted in Malayalam Cinema with Juhi Chawla!

In 1998, mammootty and Mohanlal, two legends of Malayalam cinema starred in a film together after a very long time.

The film was Harikrishnans, and it was directed by one of Mollywood’s very prolific directors, Fazil (now, also known as the father of Fahadh Faasil). Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla was the heroine of the film, and it was her first South flick. The film became a blockbuster thanks to superstar duo, presence of Juhi and popular songs.

Harikrishnans was also known to attempting something that no Indian cinema has attempted before – multiple climaxes. One of the main tracks of the murder mystery film was about both the heroes vying for the affections of the heroine, played by Juhi, with the girl asked to choose in the end whom she wants as her life partner. As both mammootty and Mohanlal had very strong fan base in Kerala, Fazil shot two climaxes for the film where Mammootty takes the girl in one and Mohanlal gets Juhi in the second. Fazil was very much criticised for playing fan politics, so he later stuck with the climax where Mohanlal gets to be Juhi’s husband.

However, not many knew that there was also a third climax planned where shah rukh khan, who is Juhi’s very close friend in real life, had planned to take away the heroine from the Malayalam superstars a la Deewana Mastana. He has even shot for a promotional still as seen above. shah rukh khan also has a crazy following in Kerala, so it looked a great idea on paper. However, the makers decide against shooting the scene for undisclosed reasons. It was the right idea, since it would be weird that Juhi character would take off with a guy she never mentions ever in the film.

Sadly, for Malayalam film lovers, it was still a great opportunity ruined to see three great actors in a single film! SRK, can you

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