7 times Virat Kohli expressed his love for Anushka Sharma and proved he’s the BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

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On Virat Kohli's Birthday, We Want To Say How We Are Dreaming To Get A Partner As Loving As Him.....

A Very Happy Birthday Virat Kohli
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s romance isn’t a matter of speculation anymore. Both of them are vocal about how they feel for each other. Well, at least Virat is. After a much publicised breakup that took place last year, the couple reunited and have been inseparable ever since! The cricketer has gone all out in expressing just how much the diva means to him. All his gestures ever since their patch up have given us major boyfriend goals. Be it him being by her side during the promotions of her production ventures or the time when she was trolled on social media for his non-performance in a match. Despite ups and downs in their relationship, which every couple goes through, Virat has been super supportive. In fact, of late, he has become very mushy when it comes to anushka. Didn’t see that coming? He is a man in love, after all. We have noticed that, in the past few months, the cricketer has opened up about his girlfriend like never before.

There are five instances of Virat professing his love for Anushka that make us believe in love again. Scroll down and check out the times he was quite open about dating Anushka and expressed what she means to him! They may not admit that they’re together but these instances are proof enough:
Anushka is the MOST important person in Virat’s life
That’s not us putting words in his mouth but Virat himself declared that. Of course, she comes after his mother but the fact that she is there says a lot. On International Women’s Day, the actor had Instagrammed a pic with a caption, “Happy women’s day to every woman out there, but specially to the two strongest women in my life. My mom for looking after the family in toughest times in life and @anushkasharma for fighting against the odds regularly and standing up for righteousness and changing the norms #happywomenday.” Aww!

The profile picture says it all…
When your guy keeps your couple pic as his display picture, you know how committed he’s towards you and what you matter to him. What a beautiful black and white pic! It’s a click is from Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech’s Goa wedding. We remember them wearing the same ensembles and dancing like no one’s watching at their buddy’s marriage! Now wasn’t that sweet? They may not admit that they’re together but these instances are proof enough.
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She is his Valentine, now and forever
On Valentine’s Day, the cricketer once again took to Instagram to share a mushy pic of himself with bae Anushka and he captioned it, “Everyday is a valentine day if you want it to be. You make every day seem like one for me ” Aww! Can we please see more of this, Virat? We’d definitely want to see your bank of pics with Anushka that are just as cute and mushy as this one.
When Virat held Anushka close to him by saying, “She’s mine”
We have to admit…Anushka and Virat make a fab couple not just in terms of looks but also in terms of style. Unlike others at Manish Malhotra’s 50th party, the couple made a stylish entry together. In fact, we noticed, in a series of pics, that Virat didn’t let go of his girlfriend! Well, he just wanted to leave the venue as soon as possible but his bae wanted the paps to click pictures!

When Virat couldn’t stop crediting Anushka for his beautiful life
“It’s the magic of my ladyluck. I didn’t have any senses before, but ever since the lady has come into my life, she has taught me a lot of things. So I have grown better in the last four years. My intelligence has grown in these years with her. She has taught me manners, gotten me calm. Also, she taught me how to utilize your potential to the fullest at whatever point you are in your life. When I was in my bad phase, my flip in my attitude has come because of her and her alone. At that time she understood what I was going through. She kept me motivated. As a support she helped me push through. She was a constant standing by like a rock. Then when I started doing well, she was still there by my side. It was a special thing for both of us because she too faced a lot of flak during that time. People started telling in that bad phase that ‘these young players just want to enjoy.’ So just because these people don’t want to, I shouldn’t be in a relationship. How absurd is that?”
Virat bid adieu to girlfriend Anushka in the cutest way possible
The cricketer sure can’t keep his hands off his girlfriend. The duo were spotted inside the airport where Virat was being his mushy self as he held Anushka close to him. That made us swoon so bad! They should really come out in the open and proclaim their love for each other instead of dropping these subtle hints.
Virat’s wedding vows to Anushka
While rumours of Virat and Anushka’s December wedding is already doing the rounds. Who knew they’ll give a glimpse of their wedding through an ad that speaks volumes of the kind of relationship they share. From looking into each other’s eyes to taking wedding vows, Virat and Anushka’s love story couldn’t have been explained in a better way. Guess it’s time the two are ready to take their relationship to the next level.

So you see, Virat has become extremely expressive and we’re so glad that they’re giving their relationship another chance! And guess what, he’s doing everything cute to make sure she’s happy. How we wish we met a guy like him *dream on*. But having said that, we’d really like to see Anushka return the gesture by putting up some mushy pic on her Instagram or any social media account. Today being Virat’s birthday, how about a post dedicated to the man of your life, Anushka sharma?
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