Vijay finally speaks up about the Mersal row; thanks everyone for support

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Vijay Finally Issues The Raging Topic That Plagues His Diwali Release Mersal.

mersal is inching towards the Rs 200 crore mark at the box office. Vijay’s film is breaking and making records as if it was the only thing it was supposed to do. But that’s not the only reason it made news. The controversy that plagued it since it released, hasn’t died down even now. A political party attacked the film for showing GST in poor light which has made more headlines than the film’s fabulous box office numbers. Since then a lot happened, with a person asking a court to cancel its film certification. All this while, the actor has maintained a dignified silence but it seems finally he felt the need to address the situation. Well, almost!

Vijay issued a statement thanking everyone for the support that they lent to the film. The statement, “My new film Mersal, which released on Deepavali, is running successfully in theatres drawing a lot of people’s appreciation. Along with the big success, the film has also received a few objection. My friends in the film industry, and national and regional political parties and their leaders, media friends, and my fans have given a great support for me and my Mersal team.”

A petition was also filed against the film by advocate A Aswathaman, urging the Madras High Court to revoke its certification. The petition read, “The film was full of wrong propaganda about India and fake dialogues and scenes which obviously leads to a misconception about the new taxation system of India and the Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 to the viewers. No picture shall be certified for a public exhibition which will lower the moral standards of those who see it and the prevailing laws shall not be so ridiculed as to create sympathy for violation of such laws.” As if that wasn’t enough, a video of the scene was leaked, which created an uproar.

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