Raju Gari Gadhi 2 movie review: Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s emotional tale and Nagarjuna’s charming presence makes this horror film count

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Here's Our Review Of Raju Gari Gadhi 2.

Diwali is round the corner! That usually means some bumper movie releases. While family entertainers and action drama usually hit theatres aorund this time, Tollywood has gone a different path. They have gone ahead and released a horror comedy film a week before Diwali! While the genre would have caught your attention, what makes this film all the more interesting – it stars nagarjuna and his daughter–in-law Samantha Akkineni! After Manam,  they are teaming up again. Also, this is samantha‘s first film after her marriage. Fans are obviously excited. So what does the sequel to the 2015 film have in store? Read to find out! 
What’s it about

The film is about three friends who co-own a resort that they lend out to families as part of holiday packages. Soon after they realise, there’s a fourth member in the house in the form of a supernatural entity. This spirit has inhabited the resort and is creating hell for everyone there. The three men are obviously terrified and that’s when they approached a priest. But the spirit is too powerful and drives the priest away. They then seek help from a renowned mentalist by the name Rudra who has solved many a cases because he can read a person’s heart and their mind. When the mentalist enters the resort, he senses a presence who seems more than just a ghost? What is she doing her? Does she have some unfinished business? Is there a story behind her presence? The rest of the story answers all those questions.

What’s hot
After a long time, the second half proved to be as interesting as part 1 if not more. The substantial back story lend the story the weight it required. While you can blur out the three friends, Nagarjuna’s performance as the suave mentalist was dramatic yet entertaining. The background that played when Rudra made an entry was epic! Samantha’s role might have been brief but it saved the movie. Her unusual character and her restrained performance contributed to the film, significantly. Also, have to admit, Samantha and her father in law shared great chemistry. They both were comfortable, and the father-daughter bond they shared came naturally to them. The movie was divided into two clear parts – The first part was about establishing the story and the second part was about revealing the backstory. The clarity in the story was a big plus for the sequel. The fact that the movie was devoid of songs was a refreshing change! Not all but quite a few of the horror elements created an eerie atmosphere. While the story followed the typical theme of vengeance what made a difference was how it was narrated.

What’s not 
The sidey dialogues and the comic elements. None of the funny scenes was received by a chuckle, let alone a giggle. The comedy seemed forced and when it is imposed upon you, it has a dampening effect. The three friends did nothing really to contribute to the story. The horror elements when it came throwing people and ghosts hanging in the air looked fake, the effect in that sense wasn’t impressive. Sweet Kapoor’s role was a complete waste. Today when cinema is giving special, new found importance to women in a movie, it was disappointing to see their efforts wasted. Ironically, another female character carried a lot of weight in the film, so the difference in the treatment of the two actresses stood out even more. Also, please note, the mere possibility of a romance. between Nagarjuna and Seerat Kapoor was cringe worthy.

What should you do 

It’s a horror film that also has an emotional tale to tell. If that’s up your alley or if that’s something that intrigues you, Raju Gari Gadhi 2 is for you.

Rating:3.0 out of 5

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