Ittefaq trailer: Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha engage in thrilling mind games, while Akshaye Khanna shines as an intense cop

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Sidharth Malhotra And Sonakshi Sinha's Ittefaq Is Scheduled To Release On November 3 And The Trailer Will Totally Take Your Breath Away...
sidharth malhotra and sonakshi sinha share the screen for the first time in Ittefaq but they aren’t running around trees here. For this remake of the Yash Chopra’s 1969 classic is a thriller! It is a whodunit murder mystery, involving a rich guy and a mysterious woman. The original movie, produced by Yash Chopra’s elder brother BR Chopra, was a songless thriller, despite starring Rajesh Khanna who was known for his evergreen romantic songs like Roop Tera Mastana and Mere Sapno Ki Rani. The remake is directed by Abhay Chopra, the grandson of BR Chopra and the son of the late director Ravi Chopra. It is his directorial debut and we have to say what a smashing way to start his career. The Ittefaq trailer is not only intriguing, but it will keep you at the edge of your seat. You will want to know who is the real murderer. And while Sidharth and Sonakshi play mind games, it is Akshaye Khanna who shines as an intense cop. Co-produced by Karan Johar and shah rukh khan this one is not to be missed!
Sidharth Malhotra gets into Rajesh Khanna’s shoes for the remake, while Sonakshi Sinha takes on Nanda’s role from the original. While the casting of Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha is interesting enough, there is akshaye Khanna playing the intelligent cop trying to solve two murder cases. He will take on Ifthekar’s role from the original, and after Mom and now Ittefaq, it looks like even Akshaye is getting typecast like the late actor in cop roles. His dialogues are one of the highlights of the trailer. And while Sidharth underplays his part showing enough pain and moral struggle, Sonakshi Sinha intrigues us with a never-seen-before performance from her. The soundtrack for this one is also intriguing and the visuals are fantastic! 
Watch the trailer here…
The makers had released new posters yesterday with the first one being that of Sidharth Malhotra with Dharma tweeting, “Accused & innocent? #IttefaqNov3.” To which Sidharth Malhotra tweeted, “I am accused of a crime I did not commit! Wait for my story #IttefaqNov3.” Then came Sonakshi Sinha’s poster that Dharma tweeted with the caption, “The second suspect. #IttefaqNov3.” Sonakshi also wanted us to care about her version, “I’m a victim who got accused of being a criminal! Dont you want to hear my story?!? #IttefaqNov3.” ittefaq is scheduled to release on November 3, so stay tuned to us as we get you all the details about the movie right here…
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