Deepika Padukone receives a gift from Padmavati director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for her splendid performance in Ghoomar song – Find out what

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Impressed with her dedication, the filmmaker gifted her as a token of appreciation

That Deepika Padukone is an absolute stunner is no secret. However, she also works quite hard to get things right and the efforts obviously translate into a great performance onscreen. Watching her on the big screen is a delight and not just because she looks absolutely gorgeous. The actress has a magnetic screen presence that keeps you hooked. Also, she works quite hard to get the nuances of her character right. So you believe that she really doesn’t care a damn when she plays Veronica and are convinced of her loyalty to her Ram when she is his Leela. No wonder then that the filmmakers who have worked with the actress are all praise for her.

And if you have seen the recently released Padmavati song, Ghoomar, you would know what we are talking about. Deepika’s immense dedication comes through in the song, as she plays the Rajput queen and performs the popular folk worship dance. Not only has she got the steps right, she has also aced the expressions and poise expected from the queen that she is playing. A source had earlier been quoted as saying, “It is an extremely difficult performance art that takes years to learn, Deepika had to pick up the steps within a matter of days and she mastered it.” Deepika did over 66 twirls while shooting for the song, dressed in an extravagant costume and adorned in heavy jewellery. Commenting on it, Deepika said, “It has been one of the most difficult song sequences that Sanjay sir and I have shot for. The shooting of the film began with this song and I will never forget that day. I remember approaching my mark for the first shot and suddenly, I felt a chill run through my body. It was almost as if Padmavati’s soul had entered my body. That feeling still lingers and will continue for years to come.” Now that’s dedication, won’t you say?

Needless to say, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with whom she has worked previously in films like Goliyon Ki Raasleela…Ramleela and Bajirao Mastani was mighty impressed with not just her performance in Ghoomar but her overall portrayal of Queen Padmavati. So much so, that he even gifted Deepika a special something. A report in HT quotes a source as saying, “”Bhansali appreciated all the effort Deepika put in, not just in Ghoomar but the entire film. After the film’s shoot, he presented her with a surprise gift – one of her outfits from the film. Deepika was more than happy with the gesture as Bhansali isn’t one of those filmmakers who is very expressive.”

Now we wonder as to which dress did the director gift the actress but we are sure that we will soon find out.

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