Dear Prabhas, here’s why you are one of a kind superstar

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Here's wishing Prabhas, a Happy Birthday!

Daring yet shy, powerful yet vulnerable, renowned yet humble – This actor is a phenomenon by itself. He is the benchmark for never-seen-before dedication, refreshing humility and for being the sweetest off screen personality. We are of course talking about Baahubali aka prabhas! He is not just man of the hour, but the man of many years to come. While his popularity had already soared in his initial years, it catapulted to unimaginable sights after Baahubali happened. The movie changed his life once and for all, Baahubali got everyone talking about this South sensation. The more he was discovered, the more intrigued fans, celebs were because he was unlike any superstar. So what makes Prabhas a one of a kind superstar? Today on his birthday, we want to decode Prabhas’ stardom and reveal his secrets once and for all:

His commitment: What stands out in Prabhas is his unflinching commitment. Now which actor today would commit to just one project for five years? This is hardcore commitment we are talking about because during that time, he didn’t sign on a single project or ad. In the process, he lost out on many deals. But his focus towards Baahubali remain unfazed. Many advised him from doing what he was doing but Prabhas stuck to his word. As Baahubali 2 neared its release, Prabhas was even candid enough to admit that he was near exhaustion after five years.

Transformation: For Prabhas, it’s not just about playing the character but also getting into skin of it. Baahubali will always be a timeless example of his efforts to transform himself. He played two characters in the magnum opus – Shivudu and Amrendra Baahubali. For both the roles, he was required to look a certain way. The actor swung like a pendulum as he moved from lean to beefy to lean again, and so on and so forth. He made it seem an effortless job. Now even in Saaho he has taken on a whole new slick avatar and shown us an entirely new side to him.

His humility has no bounds – He was already a known face in the Tollywood industry but after Baahubali, Prabhas went on to become a global icon. He became a humongous star across industries. Apart from his film creating incredible box office records, the actor himself was lauded for his majestic, royal act. He became synonymous to the most loved character – Amarendra Baahubali. Despite all that fame and popularity, Prabhas’ humility remained untarnished. His idea of who he is, was not based on his success but based on who he was as a person. Down to earth, humble and very low profile, that’s how everyone who knows him would describe him. Ironically it’s what makes him a bigger star!

His million dollar smile, his sense of humour  Here is one star who can light the place the minute he smiles. It’s genuine, warm and welcoming. The actor makes you so comfortable, you are at home within minutes of meeting him. This man also has the rare quality to make you laugh, even if it means cracking jokes on himself. 

On screen aura: When it comes to Prabhas, he exudes an undeniable aura. At one point it was difficult to distinguish between the two – his character, Amarendra Baahubali and Prabhas, the actor who played it  as both had beautifully blended together to give us an unforgettable character. Even otherwise, when the cameras start rolling, Prabhas is altogether a different person. The shy, reclusive guy is gone and enters in the reel life character he is playing.

Be like this always happy & make all happy 

Here’s wishing the superstar, a Happy Birthday!

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