Anushka Sharma-Virat Kohli take seven vows of marriage (sort of) – watch video

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Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Promise To Take Care Of Each Other Forever.

Cricket and Bollywood almost have religious stature in India. So of course the nation is rooting for the couple – Virat Kohli and anushka sharma. The two have been going strong for a long time now. If you are a fan who is still waiting for the gorgeous couple to take their relationship to the next level by exchanging the seven vows of marriage, here is a treat. No they didn’t exactly do that, but have come quite close to it. As you must know already, that they shot for an ad of a clothing brand together and it has been, finally, released.

If you remember, it was only during the shoot of an ad, years ago, when Virat and Anushka hit it off. Certainly, this shoot must have brought back a lot of memories. Dressed in Indian attires, Virat and Anushka are attending a wedding in this romantic ad film. They look at the couple on the pedestal taking the seven vows, and contemplate what they must be talking about. So, they say their own version of the seven vows with each other. A modern take on the seven vows includes not watching the favourite series without the partner for them. It gets even more romantic as the ad nears the end, successfully managing to give the viewers butterflies in the stomach. Check out the ad below.
Even though Virat has put quite some lovely pictures with his bae on Instagram, and the caption speaks louder than the pictures, but the lovely couple, especially Anushka doesn’t really talk about the relationship. And in case you are wondering why, here is what the actress believes. “I was open about my relationship because I thought that’s me handling something maturely and I expected people also to handle it maturely,” she said during a media interaction, earlier, adding, “But I feel not everyone knows how to do that. All they are interested in is scoops. ‘Oh! They met.’ – If you are dating someone you will meet them na? How can meeting someone become such big news? It was just too much. As an actor, I was giving some of my best performances but in an interview, the headline would always be about my personal life.”
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