Taimur gets too excited to see his mum Kareena after his play date with Tusshar Kapoor’s son – view pics

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kareena kapoor khan heads to pick up a playful taimur ali khan after his playdate with tusshar kapoor's son laksshya - check out pics!

So kareena kapoor khan’s son Taimur went out on his first play date yesterday with Tusshar Kapoor’s son Laksshya and looks like the boys had a blast together. I mean, usually kids get too cranky without their parents in company but Taimur seemed so cheerful and playful even after his play day that he was literally jumping out of his nanny’s arms and goofing around with Bebo. Like, we just got our hands on these pictures of Kareena picking up Taimur after his play session and on seeing it, you would realise how Taimur was not only excited to see his mum after a long day but also busy in his own mischievous mood. 

The fact Kareena came to pick up Taimur reminds us of her interview where she had proudly boasted about being a working mother, yet being the best mum to Taimur. She had said, “After having a good day at work, I am waiting to see my son home. It’s quality over quantity. Some can stay at home all day but the idea is to keep the focus going, whatever it is you are doing at the time. If you like what you do at work it’s even better. Acting is my passion and if I go to work, I feel like a more enriched mother. Women multitask the best.”

Here, check out Taimur and Kareena’s pics below:

We can imagine how happy Kareena and Tusshar must be right now to see their children bonding together. If you remember, Tusshar had even spoken about wanting to see Taimur and Laksshya grow up together as he had once said,  “Whenever Kareena and I speak these days, we are always talking about Laksshya and Taimur — things our babies have done or enjoy doing. Like other parents, amid everything else, discussing our babies has become the most important subject. Given that Kareena and I, are good friends and our families also share a close bond, we plan them [our babies] to be great friends too.”
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