SPYder review roundup: Critics are in awe of Mahesh Babu, SJ Suryah’s performances and AR Murugadoss’ stylish direction

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mahesh babu is back with his latest entertainer, spyder. the spy thriller is directed by ar murugadoss, who is working with mahesh babu for the first time.

Mahesh Babu is back with his latest entertainer, SPYder. The spy thriller is directed by AR Murugadoss, who is working with Mahesh Babu for the first time. Murugadoss is known for making thrilling blockbusters like Ghajini, Kaththi, Thuppakki and its Hindi remake Holiday, so therefore a lot of expectations are riding on this movie. Rakul Preet Singh is playing the female lead, while SJ Suryah is the main antagonist. Interestingly SJ Suryah has directed Mahesh Babu in a movie called New a few years back.

Now that SPYder is out, the movie has been getting good reactions from the press for the performances of both Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah, especially the latter. AR Murugadoss’ stylish treatment has also been praised though the critics are not too impressed with certain special effects and how the movie’s climax is treated. Here are some of the reviews.

Times of India

“The director doesn’t even exploit the contrasting acting styles of his hero and villain to the full – the understated, almost Zen-like acting style of Mahesh Babu and the over-the-top, but crowd-pleasing performance of SJ Suryah. The writing lets the movie down entirely after a point and, unlike Thuppakki (which was also about a man trying to save and a man trying to destroy), what should have been an edge-of-the-seat cat-and-mouse game between good and evil turns into a movie that cannot decide between wanting to be a crackling thriller and an anything-goes masala movie.”

Indian Express

“Murugadoss has also shown considerable changes in his narration techniques in Spyder. The way he has staged the scenes with Suryah, including a casual reveal of his victim’s dead body in a house, where he has held a family as hostage. The backstory of Sudalai and the convincing performances he has extracted from the supporting cast are some of the features of Murugadoss’s direction in Spyder that looks refreshing. Thankfully, unlike Kaththi, he has not forcefully injected songs that hamper the speed of the narration. Though I personally feel, it would have been much better without Haali Haali song that follows after an important face-off between Shiva and Sudalai.”


Spyder is also a true blue action thriller and it stays true to the genre. Harris Jayaraj’s background score and Santosh Sivan’s cinematography are terrific. And the fact that it’s quite engaging almost till the end is an impressive feat in itself. Quite frankly, it’s a relief to see a film like this being made in the first place because it delves into the very concept of how vulnerable human lives are and why we all need to watch out for each other. In the end, even if the message of the film feels like an afterthought, its emotion is very much the driving force behind the lead character.”


“AR Murugadoss has manoeuvred his resources with utmost perfection creating both suspense and an emotional impact which result as a decent thriller, but has he completely satisfied his fans compared to his previous films is up for debate. Spyder will be remembered for the breathtaking battle between Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah. One of the sequences follows a similar pattern of 12 man shootout scene from Thuppakki but this one might appear artificial to a few sections of the audiences. Some CGI moments could have been done with more care, such tacky graphics could have been avoided in a big film like Spyder.”

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